• What a great game! As a teacher of over 30 years experience I've seen lots of games that promise a lot on the box but fail to deliver in the classroom. Not this one. Children who find maths difficult have become really enthused by this game which can be played on a number of different levels. It can improve the mental maths skills of everybody who plays it.

    Ian Paton Maths Tutor

City of Zombies
Maths Game


Team up and use your BRAINS to survive!
Take turns rolling your Battle Dice, then work with other players to find the best combo to ‘zap’ Zombies before they reach the Barricade.
Survive until the Rescue Plane lands to WIN. But watch out! Let 6 Zombies reach the Barricade and it’s GAME OVER.
Use what you know: add, subtract, multiply and divide your Battle Dice to reach one or more Zombie’s strength to defeat it. You can even use squaring & square roots.
Progress through 4 difficulty levels, Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master
Or easily create your own difficulty level.
The Ultimate Edition introduces prime numbers, cubing and negative numbers.
Recommended by National Numeracy
Winner of three IG Gold Awards:
Best Family Game, Best Numeracy Game and UKGE Player’s Choice Award.
1 to 6 Players. Ages 6+ Time 25 – 45 mins.
City of Zombies is fully compatible with the Times Square Times Table Game.

City of Zombies Ultimate Edition
£34.99 + P&P

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