Serious Fun, Serious learning

Improves maths skills, mental maths speeds and confidence through play

City of Zombies

City of Zombies is an award-winning family board game that improves maths through play.

Players roll and combine their battle dice in any way they can think of to hit and remove Zombies from play on their turn.

  • An engaging and fun way to boost numeracy skills
  • Builds confidence and mental maths speed
  • 4 levels of play to suit any maths ability
  • Team up and play together against the game, not each other
  • There are no wrong answers so no one ends up feeling stupid

1 to 6 players | Age 6 – 99 | 25 – 45 mins

Recommended by National Numeracy

Maths KS1 & KS2

“This is a fantastic game. My 11 year old daughter (who claims to hate maths) and my 8 yr old son love this game, as do I”
City of Zombies is different to most games, it’s co-operative, which is great when you’re trying to get an 8 year old to practice his maths!
Excellent game. All the family love it. Daughter is doing maths in advance of her school year and my husband is also playing it with his friends!