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Outnumbered – Improbable Heroes

Combine forces to thwart evil in Outnumbered: Improbable Heroes, a math-based cooperative strategy game based on the award winning City of Zombies Maths Game.

Absolute Zero and his minions are loose in Megatropolis, trying to capture the powerful Infinity Generator!

Assemble your team and strategically plan out your sequence of attacks together. As waves of Villains advance, you must use math skills and unique Hero Abilities to hit target numbers, repelling your nemesis and his minions.

Overcome their counterattacks and impose order over chaos!

A version of City of Zombies has just launched in America! Order your copy now.

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City of Zombies

Team up and battle Aliens and Zombies in this dice rolling BRAAAAAIN CRUNCHING game of survival for 1 to 6 players.

You need brains to survive!

A quick introduction to City of Zombies, how you fight Zombies, defend your Barricade and use your BRAINS to Survive!

Teacher Review

In this video School Teacher Craig Thompson Wood shares his thoughts on  City of Zombies and gives some tips on how to play.

Players roll and combine their battle dice in any way they can think of to hit and remove Zombies from play on their turn.

  • Every time you play, Zombies and Events appear in a different order making each game a unique experience 
  • An engaging and fun way to boost numeracy skills
  • Builds confidence and mental maths speed
  • 4 levels of play to suit any maths ability
  • Team up and play together against the game, not each other
  • There are no wrong answers so no one ends up feeling stupid

1 to 6 players | Age 6 – 99 | 25 – 45 mins

Recommended by National Numeracy

Maths KS1 & KS2

“This is a fantastic game. My 11 year old daughter (who claims to hate maths) and my 8 yr old son love this game, as do I”
City of Zombies is different to most games, it’s co-operative, which is great when you’re trying to get an 8 year old to practice his maths!
Excellent game. All the family love it. Daughter is doing maths in advance of her school year and my husband is also playing it with his friends!
Alana's animals maths card game

Alana’s Animals

Giving Young children a head start in maths

Alana’s Animals is an enchanting family game that teaches children the key maths skills needed in schools. Recommended by National Numeracy
For 2 to 4 players  |  10 mins  |  Age 3 to 14

So How do you play?

Collect Animals

Start by choosing animals to build your farmyard using any combination of animal cards you’d like.

Earn apples

When you’ve built your farm it’s time to score the Reward Cards and see how many apples you can win.

Count your Reward Cards

Once all the Reward cards have been scored, the player who’s farmyard has the most apples is the winner!

What does playing Alana’s Animals teach children?

Number recognition

Counting the animals as the farmyard grows helps children become more confident in maths. For very young children, it’s about encouraging number recognition, counting, and player interaction.

Rational counting

Collecting different animals helps with rational counting, teaching the ability to assign the correct number to a group of items, and which number corresponds to the total amount.


Subitising is becoming an increasingly important maths skill. It refers to the ability to be able to recognise the number of objects without having to individually count each one.

Quantities & magnitude

Helping children with an understanding of quantities and recognising the magnitude of a number. It helps children grasp concepts such as lowest number and number ordering.



“This is a fun game, perfect for young kids, but with a true depth of play that will appeal to even the most tactical game player. The stealth math and vocabulary content don’t get in the way of the gaming elements. Don’t let the cute artwork fool you – this is well worth putting on the table.

Mike Hargreaves


“Usually the thought of playing a maths game with the kids fills me with dread, either because it is too complicated or takes far too long to play, but I actually enjoyed this game. There are a few ways to play, and it teaches children without being boring. The cards all have colourful and fun pictures of animals and some have things hidden on them as a little bonus game.”

Louise Goodenough


What a find! Finally, an early years maths game that is great fun, exciting, and educational. I bought Alana’s Animals whilst searching high and low to satisfy my grandson’s appetite for endless game playing and was delighted when it was such a success.

Julie Rodgers